Millwrights Local 1163

Training Center Rochester, NY
21 Jet View Drive
Rochester, New York 14624
(315) 949-7031

Any member of Millwrights Local 1163 that is in need of training can fill out a training request form on to get on the lists for selected classes. To do this first log into the member only section of the Local 1163 website. Then choose training request form from the menu on the right of the screen. Simply fill out the information required and choose the class or classes needed and then submit. This will notify the local and training of your request. You can follow up with a check-in call a couple days after submittal to confirm.

Date Course

March 2018

No Classes

April 2018

No Classes

May 2018

5/14–5/18 Rigging & Signaling
5/21–5/25 Review for Final Exam
5/29–6/1 Review for Final Exam

June 2018

5/31–6/1 Rigging Refresher
6/4–6/8 Group 1B First Aid/CPR/AED/Bloodborne Pathogens/Math
6/4–6/8 Group 2017B Forklift/Rough Terrain/Aerial Lift/Shop Projects
6/11–6/15 Group 2018A Intro to Millwrighting
6/11–6/15 Group 2017D Welding
6/18–6/19 Rigging Refresher (Albany Training Center class times may be different)
6/21–6/22 Rigging Refresher (Albany Training Center class times may be different)
6/18–6/22 Final Exams
6/25–6/29 Final Exams

July 2018

7/5–7/6 Rigging Refresher
7/9–7/13 Group 2017A Flowserve
7/9–7/13 Group 2016A Conveyors
7/16–7/20 Group 1 Welding
7/16–7/20 Group 2016B First Aid/CPR/AED/Bloodborne Pathogens/Math
7/23–7/27 Group 1B Scaffold Erector - 40 Hr
7/23–7/27 Group 2017B GE Famil/Hytorc/Human Performance

August 2018

7/30–8/3 Group 2018A TBD
7/30–8/3 Group 2017D Forklift/Rough Terrain/Aerial Lift/Shop Projects
8/6–8/10 Group 2017A Conveyors
8/6–8/10 Group 2016A First Aid/CPR/AED/Bloodborne Pathogens/Math
8/13–8/17 Group 1 TBD
8/13–8/17 Group 2016B Machinery Installation
8/20–8/24 Rigging & Signaling