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Due to Local 1163’s different *Dues Groups* and the need to meet preset criteria to qualify for some of those Dues Groups, the only Members that should be paying their dues online through Paypal are the *ACTIVE/NON SHOP Members. *

*Retirees,Disabled, and **Shop Members <STOP> Do Not Make A Payment through Paypal! *you can still either call the Union Hall with a Credit Card payment or mail in a check or money order.

*Please Note*:* Arrears Letter Fees *are satisfied prior to applying payment to your Monthly Dues. If you received a letter showing that you owe an *Arrears Letter Fee* make sure you choose the fee option to add to your *Dues Payment Cart *to ensure proper credit of your Monthly dues Payment. If you are not sure if you owe a fee or not call the hall prior to making your Online payment through Paypal.