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Local 1121 Vote Results for By-Law Changes

Here are the results of last night’s Local 1121 By-Laws vote:

Purposed Changes: Meeting time change

Option 1: Change meeting to 5:30 PM on Wednesday received 23 votes
Option 2: Change meeting to 7:00 PM on Wednesday received 32 votes

Purposed Changes: Change last sentence of Section 28 to; Rules and regulations may be amended by the Fund Committee, only after the changes are read off at a monthly meeting, and voted on at the next monthly meeting by the Local Membership by secret ballot.

Option 1: Yes to Purposed Changes received 45 votes
Option 2: No to Purposed Changes received 10 votes

I would like to thank the members who came out to vote. The By-Law changes still have to be approved by the Eastern Millwrights Regional Council, Vice President Capelli and the International. On another note, if a member is out of work please make sure you put yourself on the out of work list. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.

Thank You,
President Tim Moriarty