“The crews are doing well and the job is going well.”

Atlantic Plant Maintenance Site
Superintendent, Chris Jones

“The crews are highly productive, with few non-recordable and zero recordable injuries. For logging 100,000 hours worked on the job so far, that’s not too bad.”

Siemens Westinghouse Generation Services
President Michael F. McCormick

“The union’s been great in finding the qualified millwrights that we need,”

Universal Plant Services
Labor Coordinator Shane Ferguson

“In today’s environment, you have to continuously be improving, and UBC millwrights are the most highly qualified people that can be on a job site,”

Rick Rives, President

“The performance we’re seeing across the country and the attitudes we’re seeing from UBC millwrights is excellent. They’re working hard, and they’re working safe.”

Converyor Specialties
Chris Stevens, Owner

“Productivity is our number one issue, and we believe productivity is a result of the excellent safety and quality that UBC millwrights provide.”

Atlantic Plant Maintenance
Howard Guhne, Southeast Operations Manager

“This job has been a success for both TVA and Alstom/APCom. We were able to get done ahead of schedule and with zero safety incidents. TVA has expressed their appreciation in the attention to detail and professionalism during this outage.”

Alstom/APCom Power, Inc.
Jeff Nordstrom, Turbine Construction Superintendent

“The work ethic and commitment to getting the job done by EMRC millwrights and Airco supervision was the key to keeping the project on schedule.”

Airco, Inc.
Troy Burrows, Exec. VP & COO

This partnership has allowed AMS the ability to expand our geographical work area while still being assured of quality Millwrights anywhere we perform in New York State. We at AMS believe that this partnership with Millwrights Local 1163 has evolved into one of mutual respect and benefit and will allow us to take our organization to the next level.

Adirondack Mechanical Services
Randy Edgerly, President

I don’t take enough time to thank people for a job well done, however I believe a sincere “thank-you” to the 1163 team is warranted and well deserved. I can always count on your team to have experienced turbine craftsmen on our outage with-in hours. Your members are some of the best in the country. I want to recognize you and your members for embracing the UBC Training Programs. Your efforts are evident in your member’s confidence and performance.

Siemens Westinghouse
Kristi Haberstroh, Craft Resource Coordinator

It was very apparent that the millwrights associated with the 1163 local were extraordinarily well trained and took pride in the work they produce. Each millwright assigned to the job was respectful and courteous to others around them.

Atlas Industrial Contractors
Joe P. Sebenoler, Project Manager

The team of local 1163 millwrights was instrumental in this outstanding performance and both the customer and end user were very satisfied with the group effort.

GE Power Generation Services
Brian R. Doucette, Site Director

With the help from you and your local 715 members we worked over 15,000 man hours without a single safety related incident.

Henkels & McCoy Industrial DivisionGE Power Generation Services
Robert Nelms, Superintendent

Without their help, our outage would have not been a success. We appreciate your dedication and professionalism in the Nuclear Industry. We look forward to a working relationship between your hall, Entergy and Shaw; and with your help we will continue to flourish in the future outages.

Ken Mortin, Site Manager