Message from the EST

Hello and welcome to the Eastern Millwright Regional Council. Here you will learn how we service the northeast with skilled, expert millwrights who produce the caliber of results our employers and their customers expect.

The EMRC represents thousands of millwrights who work for the best contractors in our multi-state jurisdiction, supplying a unique mix of technical skills and experience with leadership qualities that fuels high productivity and unmatched customer service. We operate offices and training centers throughout our service area so that any skill needed on any jobsite is filled with a professional who is trained in the latest methodologies, tools, and installation strategies in the industry.

We understand our role on a jobsite: Get the job done safely, quickly, and according to specifications. EMRC millwrights:

  • Understand working within budgets
  • Respect the importance of project schedules
  • Know how to work in both occupied spaces and hectic construction areas
  • Recognize that flexibility to handle changing jobsite conditions is a required skill

Millwrights from the Eastern Millwrights Council are able to staff projects of all sizes and duration with experience and safety. Northeastern construction industry professionals know that a crew from this Council will arrive on time, work hard, maintain a high level of safety, and produce excellent work. When we succeed our customers succeed, and that’s our mission, everyday.

As Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the EMRC, my word accompanies every member on every jobsite — my promise that our members will go above and beyond to get the job done right the first time and with uncompromising attention to safety.

The EMRC is an affiliate of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America — one of the oldest and largest trades unions in America. Our union is leading the industry in technological skills-based training for all aspects of the millwright trade.

We’re trained to be superior by leveraging a $250 million training program from the UBC’s International Training Fund. That means we are one of only a few dozen organizations in North America who benefits from the UBC’s legendary technical and leadership training, depth of manpower, and industry partnerships. The UBC’s resources are virtually unlimited.

Our members have vastly different skill sets, but they share the pride and commitment to excellence that comes with being part of the Brotherhood. In the Northeastern USA, we supply local hands to work on local projects, which keeps the local economy flowing and our region moving forward. Our contractors are competitive in a variety of commercial and industrial industries.

We take our role seriously: To provide safe, skilled millwrights to the regional construction industry.

My door is always open to anyone interested in learning more about the EMRC and how we can be an asset to any jobsite, regardless of size, complexity or specs in the regional construction industry.

Robert Loubier
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Eastern Millwright Regional Council